Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Make-up 🎃👻💀

Well hello beautiful people! I'm so sorry for having been gone for so long ,but a lot has been going on lately so I haven't had much time ! 
But I'm back and ready to re-enter my bloggers heaven >.< 
Today I'm going to be blogging about some halloween makeup looks that I've created for this ghostly autumn season! 
I'll be telling you how I've created both these freaky yet cool looks step by step , Enjoyyy!! *Mwah*

Look (1)

Okay so for this look I used a pretty medium to high coverage foundation , which was about a shade lighter than my natural skin tone, I concealed all those unwanted blemishes and redness around my face and then I lightly contoured my nose ,cheek bones and jaw line .
For my eyes I decided to go for a more subtle smokey eye , with hues of purples and matte black to give it a more bruised effect,especially on my lower lash line and the crease of my eye for more definition and dimension ,and that whole "dead look", I added a gel liner to my upper lash line and a generous amount of mascara (false lashes could be used also).
 I then decided to add a few very faint veins using a small  pointed brush with some light brown and purple eyeshadow ,lastly before the gruesome freaky makeup comes along , I defined my eyebrows and conceald around them for more precise definition.
Now for the gory ,freaky lips I warmed up some Special Fx wax in my hands and began to spred it along my face creating a "joker style smile" after applying the wax to my face I then cut through the middle of it to make it look like my smile/cheeks were cut , I followed by applying some torn up tissue for some ripped skin effect using eyelash glue , yes you read right...eyelash glue ,it works wonders when you've got  nothing else  (haha) .
I then continued by adding some dark matte black shadow to the inner part of my lips following out into the ripped area or my elongated smile should I say for some dark dimension , I began blending in some purples, reds and browns for a bruised look,blotted on with a makeup sponge some fake blood and Voila we have a finished look!!! 

Look (2) 

Now for this freeky yet slightly sexy look I began by doing half my face with my "normal" makeup ruitine of foundation concealer ,contour ,brows, eyeliner ,mascara and half a bright red lip. 
Now for the freakier side (which is surprisingly simple to do)  I began by applying a Pailer foundation to the other Half of my face making sure I defined the line through the centre of my face. 
I then "hollowed" out my eye by covering it with black face paint to create that depth and definition, I proceeded by doing the same to half my nose, for that skull look.
 I then simply sketched out the teeth ,along the other half of my lips extending towards my cheek ,using a black  pencil liner and then went over it with some more black face paint for extra definition. 
I lastly applied a few cracks on my forehead using black gel liner and added a few "impact" marks with grey and black eyeshadow and the look all came together and I can proudly say it was complete! :D 

Hope you enjoyed , any questions regarding the looks make sure to message me! Xxx


  1. These are so awesome! I've got three Halloween parties to go to this week and I'm just stumped as to what to dress up as... But these are amazing, I might try my hand at the second one :)


    1. Thank you so much! i loved creating these, its so fun to do , deffo go for it and try it out!! :) X

  2. You are very talented at really good Halloween make up! I'm in or of you right now! x