Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happiness is Key

well what can I say this isn't really beauty related so I’m sorry to my lovely beauty bloggers ,but some happiness needs to be shared ;)

Happiness is such a simple yet complex word ,its expected from you from the moment you’re born until the moment you die , people always expect you to be happy even when you’re not you feel obliged to say you are ,you feel the need to put up this front saying you’re fine,when in reality you may not be .
I mean we have all had bad days , some more than others ,some less.
But right now , exactly at this moment in time, May 11th at 22:50pm on a Sunday night , I can safely say that I AM HAPPY , I am very happy, there may be reasons there may not be , I may of just magically got a flush of happiness run through my body and ignite my soul with enthusiasm which lead me to writing this.
Its one of those rare moments that I want to remember and I want to cherish because happiness should be a constant thing, it should always be there but in this world its hard to be happy all the time. So please lets all cherish these random floods of happiness.
Its a Sunday night , I’m sitting here on my bed ,typing away listening to some extremely lively music ''for a change'' LOL ,phone charging by my side , you know just in case an unexpected text comes through ;) and I genuinely feel relaxed and happy , I actually feel content with myself and extremely positive ,which is rare for me haha ( I do try more often , I swear ,lol)
can you understand that feeling deep down in your chest like your heart is beating at a million mph and you have butterflies in your stomach and you cant help but smile like a complete and utter weirdo, I cant even express this feeling ,but I’m honestly loving every second of it ,being happy feels great and we should all do more to try and be happy ,focus more on the positives in life instead of the negatives , not focus on what people think of us but on what we think of ourselves and learn to love who we are and not have to change for anyone.
Happiness is beautiful its an extremely amazing feeling and it should be enjoyed while it lasts , hence why I am making the most of this flood of happiness and deciding to share it with the world.

Much Love ,stay beautiful and be happy

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