Friday, 7 November 2014

My Brow Routine

Brows , Brows and more Brows ! 

My brows are my pride and joy (when I'm bothered) lol 
I wasn't blessed with full ,thick, arch heaven brows , mine are quite boring and sparse which absolutely sucks! 
They're naturally dark due to my Portuguese background ,and considering that you'd expect me to have big luscious brows ...but that's not the case!
(As you can see in the after image there is a lot more definition and I personally think they look a ton better ,and they help to frame my face well!) 
I don't think I've got a bad shape to them, they're pretty easy to work with, and I do use my natural brow line to guide me which makes the filling in A LOT easier! 

For my brows I tend to use my H&M eye brow kit , which is so battered at this point because of so much use ! I've not hit pan yet , but I'm close ! XD 
(I tend to use the darkest and medium shade mixed together ,one is to dark and the others to light for my weird brows)
This small pallet came with mini tweezers and an applicator , but I like to use an angled brush with a blending brush on the other end of it ,I also purchased it from h&m ! I actually love it ,it's my go to brow brush and when I don't have it I honestly feel lost! 
And this is it below ...
Looks pretty ordinary but this angle brush heaven is perfect for brows !
For my brows I usually tend to follow it along the natural brow line, and then extend to make my brow slightly longer,(short brow problems) I tend to define the arch just so it looks that much neater and sleek! 
I don't like to see a defined start to the brow ,I just don't think it looks very natural, so I like to blend that out to make it look as natural as possible , after all the brow shenanigans , I like to conceal around it and neatly tidy up all the lines. 
I was lucky enough to get a sample of the MAC full coverage foundation , in the shade NC35 , before splurging on the big thing ! And I have to say I am in absolute awe with it ! 
Honestly gets rid of all imperfections and makes everything a ton neater!
I'm Deffo gonna splurge after this sample ends! 
I lastly add some highlighter from my contour pallet by Sleek to my brow bone , right below the arch, for that extra kick of definition and Brows complete!!! 

Hope you enjoyed ! Xx

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