Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Whats in my college bag!!

Hey there! So I will be doing a What's in my College bag post ! 
This bag hadn't been emptied in a long while ,and there were a few loose coins , receipts , and less exciting things which I didn't think  needed to be seen haha! So let's get started !!! Woop 

So the bag that I've currently been taking to college is a studded tote bag , i bought it from Primark about 2 years ago and it's still good as new! 
It's large enough to carry all my necessities ,but small enough to be able to carry it comfortably on my shoulder. 

The first thing that I usually carry in my bag is my new Tartan scarf as seen below.

This has to be the best purchase that I've  done in ages! It's so soft and extremely warm and thick , I adore the tartan/check print ,it's so inn and so gorgeous ,this scarf is absolutely huge ! I can literally use it as a blanket ! Now just imagine how big it is when all open up ! Haha

So these are the items that filled up my bag to the brim!
In box 1 -we've got a couple bags of makeup ( due to me currently doing a hair and media makeup course) I have to bring it in everyday ,and this isn't even half of it ! LOL 
I also have my notebook ,pen ,my makeup brush roll ,makeup wipes and a empty bottle of water which I may say I refilled twice during the day! (Gotta keep hydrated) 
Now box 2 - I have my Batiste dry shampoo, which I LOVE (I usually use the dark hair one but it finished and I couldn't resist the smell of this one) it's lush!
I also have my body mist , by Equivalenza cosmetics in passion fruit and pomegranate ! I bought this in Portugal and it's very fresh and fruity , I'm not sure if it's available in the uk or other countries but you may be able to find this online.  
I also have numerol for those times of emergency pain relief ! 
Box 3- I have my sun glasses from a small store abroad , which I bought for only 5 euros (bargain or what!) , and my prescription glasses which are Fcuk ,I have shitty eyesight ( excuse my French) hehe.  
And last but not least Box 4- I have my umbrella for these horrible rainy English days! 
My purse which is so cute and small ,it's so easy for college , from Primark for only 2 quid!( bargain yet again) 
My baby lips -so moisturising and such a natural color on the lips.
My student ID card and my Oyster card! 
My house keys -which I finally found after searching ages for it! 
And lastly my iPhone headphones, because you can't survive on public transport in the uk without a little music to keep you going!!! (P.s I also had my charger in there but my phone was on 1% and I had to run to that socket to plug it In!)  
And this is it! My What's in my College bag is complete I hope you gorgeous bloggers enjoyed !!! 
Much love Xx

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