Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ageing Make-up Effect!

So I was given a task along side my fellow MUA colleagues to experiment with Ageing ! Yes you read right! Ageing... As in ,old ,wrinkles , frown lines , you get the jist...haha 
To be fair  I actually had an awesome time doing this ! It was different but strangely fun, also kind of weird
All we'd say during those few hours in the makeup room would be "well you'd be a pretty attractive old lady" lol ...
Well we had a great laugh throughout, and so I thought I'd share with you a few pictures of what I managed to do and how I managed to do so!
So this is my lovely model before her "old-over" and After ! 
And as you can see she does look a tad bit wrinkly around the edges after I was done! Haha 
Firstly I began by applying liquid latex to the areas in which people would usually get wrinkles , I decided to apply it around the eyes ,on the sides , where crows feet are known to be ,  the eye lid and below the lower lash line where those lovely under eye bags like to chill at! 
I then followed by applying some more, all around the lips , the frown lines the forehead and anywhere else I thought needed applying , I kept re-applying until I got my desired look , and would dry each layer with a hair dryer to move the process along quicker! I then followed by applying some translucent powder to set the liquid latex and voila
Now onto the make-up! 
I followed by asking my model to make some...well ... Rather weird faces , like , pouting , frowning , smiling , surprised look ! Haha that kind of thing so I could see where these frown lines would naturally appear on the face,  I traced over those lines with a slightly darker shade of some grease paint ,after doing this I followed by applying a lighter shade as a highlighter just to make those lines blend in a bit more and look slightly more "natural" i tried to envision mentally what I was doing, and I think it may of worked rather well for a first attempt at ageing! 
This kind of ageing make-up looks better further away , but I wanted to be able to show you exactly how it looks close up !
So here are a few final shots! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

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