Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Glitz and glam Christmas look!

Well hello , tis the season to be jolly!!
I've decided to do a very glitzy look for this Christmas and thought Id share it and show you what was used to create this look.
So this is the look very simple yet very Christmassy and glitzy ( This is the no lipstick version but i will insert some pictures with lipstick below) , the pictures don't give it justice at all so sorry about that, because the amount of shine and glitter on my eyelids was incredibly noticeable , I love it. 

Firstly there is my wake me up foundation  ,and my collection concealer which needs to be repurchased ASAP! , I always use a good moisturiser before applying foundation just to kind of give my skin good setting grounds for the foundation , primers don't work to well for me , I guess I just haven't found the right one yet.
Secondly is my bourjous Ultra curl  mascara (it could be better to be completely honest with you , doesn't do great things to my lashes!)
Thirdly my holy grail!!! Sleek contour kit in light ...this thing is AMAZING!!!
And lastly is this sleek cream to powder in one of the darker shades , (can't remember for the life of me the shade right now, and I don't have it with me D: ) 
But nonetheless I use this to fill in my brows and I've been LOVING this! 

This is exactly the same look but I've applied some lipstick (MAC,Sin,Matte)
I think the lippy just adds that depth to it, perfect for a Christmas dinner , night out or even just a casual day that you feel needs some dressing up , I received this as an early Christmas gift from my best mate and I LOVE IT!!!

Now This is how I achieved that amazing glitzy look! This Kiko eyeshadow that brings a matte black and a super glittery silver (literal glitter heaven)! The pigment is AMAZINGG! 
I just applied this over my whole eyelid, then followed by applying some of the black in the outer corner and blending in very well along the crease of my eye, followed by applying more from the glittery shade and blending some more and voila eyeshadow complete! Simple hey!
Secondly is my Mac Sin Matte lipstick - Love this thing so much and I've only had it a couple days! 
Then we've got my sleek ink pot in black which is my go to gel liner ! It's very good and very pigmented ! 
And lastly are the brushes I used to bring this look together , they are my Real Techniques brushes and they are the best brushes I've used to date ! 
(I'll do a brushes blog post soon)
And yes I know they need a good clean , I'll go do that now ;) ! 

And that is all for today's post my lovelys 
All things that I used and the final look ! 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Asos wish list -outfit styling ideas!

So I LOVE ASOS , there are a few things on there that I've been finding super trendy and cool lately, they've been in my Asos wish list for a while and I thought I'd show you how I would style a couple outfits and also the accessories
Hope you Enjoy! 
(All prices will be listed below images)

Outfit (1)
High wasted jeans-(£32.00)
Black crop sweater-(£12.00)
Black cacoon coat -(£55.00)
Oversized blanket check scarf-(£18.00)

Accessories (1)
Concealed platform boots,black-(£40.00)
Large handheld black back (sale from £40.00 to £28.00)
Wrap around watch-(£40.00)
Gold plated mood stone ring-(£22.00)

Outfit (2)
Tartan skater skirt (sale from £25.00 to £17.50) 
Asos tall forever t-shirt-(£12.00)
Black leather jacket faux fur and quilted detail-(£110.00) 
Black turn up beanie-(£7.00) 

Accessories (2)

Spike drop open necklace-(£14.00)
Pointed heel shoe boot ,black-(£55.00)
Black pleather utility backpack-(£35.00)
Open double spike ring-(£8.00) 

Hope you enjoy my Asos wish list and how I'd put it all together! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

My week in pictures...

Hey hey hey !!!! So how are my lovely people doing? Awesome I hope! :) 
So I'll be doing something a little different today , hope you lovelies don't mind ! 
My week in pictures...
I'll be mainly just going over the highlights  of my week and what's been going on :)! 

Okay so this past week began like this...
1) college...assessments...finals...! 
We've been doing body art , which is pretty fun none the less as you can see that first picture above was a practice that i did on one of the girlies in class, I loved doing it don't get me wrong but the thought that I've gotta prep for a 3/4 hour BODY ART , on the ENTIRE BODY...is just ever so slightly stressing me out ! But it's all good I'll be fine haha! 
2/3) That there is me and my uncle! Being the complete and utter weirdos That we are! Walking along London Bridge to go meet a few friends of his and I will just say that it was absolutely FREEZING!!! I took a few pictures outside my college in Oxford street because how can you miss those gorgeous lights!!!
4) so we've finally decided to get out our Christmas tree and decorations! 
I did want to put it up last month but my mum wasn't very into that idea hahaha
I love Christmas the atmosphere the family ,food , gifts ,songs ,lights ,the whole scenario just gets me super excited!!! 
Soo it was my mommys birthday this Sunday!! ( hence why I didn't post earlier, Sorry!)  she turned 43 years young(she soo changed those candles round ;) lol ) and is looking as gorgeous as ever! 
My parents and I went out for a lovely lunch in this pizza place with my aunt, uncle and my 3 cousins (they're little rascals but I love them to bits <3 )
That's one of the cuzzies ,Savanna in the pic with me at the lunch! :) 
We had a lovely day and lots of fun , including  pizza , cake , singing and playing charades xD , yes this was all done at the restaurant! 
We followed by having a coffe/drink at this other place and later made our way home :)! 
I had a great weak , what did you get up too!? 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas stocking filler guide! Under £15

Sooo I'm here with my full on Christmas cheer !!! 23 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS AND I MAY BE SLIGHTLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be doing a 10 item ,stocking filler ,gift guide , with everything under £15 !!!
There will be 5 lovely items for the ladies !
And 5 awesome items for the boys !

Manicure set, Ice cream in pink 
-Every girl needs a mini mani set ,to keep those nails looking pristine,and it comes in an adorable ice cream case , what else could you want!  

Love hearts hand warmers 
-cold weather is about and these adorable hand warmers are just the thing to keep those hand nice and toasty! 

Reindeer socks in Christmas baulbal (different socks available) 
-cute Christmas socks with reindeers on them are perfect enough , but these cozy beauties come in a baulbal that you can hang on your Christmas tree , now that is pretty awesome I must say so myself.

Norton Pug slippers 
-ok so pugs are adorable enough and these slippers and just too gorgeous to miss !! , they look so warm and cozy to keep those tootsies nice and warm this season! 

Ciate Asos, Exclusive Hot Tropics Nail polish duo 
-Ciate has a range of beautiful colour and I just thought that both these shades were absolutely gorgeous ! , I think that shimmery gold is so Christmassy and you can pair it with any other colour! And that minty colour is bea-u-tiful , has been my top nail colour all year round, any nail lover will adore this stocking filler. 

Pop up pint 
-honestly now what guy would LOVE this! It's perfect for festivals parties and anything really , just pop up a pint glass at all times ! 

Christmas trunks +many other styles available ( these two were my faves ;D)
-okay ! So it's practically tradition to give guys either socks or trunks at Christmas ! And I just loved these they made me giggle so hard xD 
Perfect for a boyfriend so he can strut his stuff in that sexy Christmas attire ;) , or just as a little joke for a friend or family member! Legit guaranteed to make them laugh!! 

Vo5 extream style Ultimate prep tin 
-so we know most boys take just as much care of there hair as girls do now a days (sometimes even more) lol , and why not help them out, by giving them this Vo5 ultimate prep kit for there lovely locks !

Bobble beanie with stags 
-so the cold is about and beanies are so in at the moment they have been for ages! And I personally love a boy that can rock out a beanie :) (and this one is super cute and oh so festive!) 

The bomb shot glasses 
-I think for any party boys out there or guys in uni , these are so appropriate , they look really different and cool and would definitely make a statement in the party scene! 

I hope you all enjoyed  this stocking filler , gift guide!!  


Monday, 24 November 2014

Autumn defined eye!

I went for an autumn/defined eye look with a natural lip (I just used some Vaseline for the lips)  and I did a more natural lip ,I decided to go for the natural lip  because I wanted to keep the main focus on the eyes
I began by applying my MAC tester of the full coverage foundation in the shade NC35 (ILOVEITSOMUCH) , as soon as it runs out I'm purchasing it without a doubt ! 
I applied this under my eyes and on any "big" blemishes , I followed by applying the tiniest amount of my rimmel wake me up foundation and I blended away with my Real Techniques blending brush (I'll do a makeup brush post soon) !!
I followed by using my contour pallette from sleek In Light! 
I followed by bronzing my cheekbones,nose, temples and jawline and highlighted the top of my cheekbones and the centre line of my nose and Cupid's bow!
And that's the face done!!! 
 Rimmel-wake me up foundation in soft beige 
Mac full coverage -nc35 tester 
Sleek contour palette in light 

Next - Eyes and brows -
Maybelline -Rocket mascara 
Maybelline-black gel liner
Sleek au naturel palette  -Nougat and nubuck 

Sleek- creme to powder -coffee bean
I decided to use my Sleek ,Au Naturel eyeshadow pallette and I covered my eyelids in the Nougat shade and lightly applied the Nubuck shade to my eyelid crease! 
I then followed by Using an angled brush to line and contour my eyelid crease while also extending it out with my Sleek -Creme to powder in coffee bean , blending this all upwards towards the brow bone and be warned ,fierce blending was applied (lol )!! 
I then followed by applying a winged liner using my Maybelline black gel liner extending this towards my lower lash line, I then applied my Maybelline Rocket Mascara , and voila! 
Now brows , I've been using the sleek creme to powder to fill in my brows and I ADORE  this !! it applies so much definition and makes them look flawless! So I did this (you can go check out my eye brow ruitine post for more info on how I do it!) i cleaned up my brows using the MAC full coverage NC35 foundation and then highlighted my brow bone with the sleek contour pallette ! 

And Finnitooooo!!! 
Hope you enjoyed !! 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Rimmel-wake me up (Review)

So I decided to do a review on a new foundation that I've finally come around to trying out! 

(Rimmel -wake me up Foundation) 

I needed a new foundation as mine was running out ,and was just a tad too dark for my current paler tone, (I need my summer glow back...) 
So I decided to give the Rimmel-wake me up foundation a go , since I'd heard so many beauty bloggers and youtubers rave about it , I finally gave in ! 
At a pretty afordable retail price of £8.99 , I got this foundation which I have to say is pretty amazing I got it in ,(soft beige) , and it honestly does what the packaging  says! it totally wakes you up gives you a bright glowey effect ,helps to hide those dark circles and gets rid of any tired look you may be suffering from! 
Id honestly recommend  this ! No doubt ! It's brilliant and has medium coverage, just enough, this shade also suites my skin tone perfectly!!
I'm usually quite iffy about foundations , and due to having ,combination to oily skin I was quite indecisive about trying this as it has a more bright shiny look to it , but I couldn't of been more wrong , it lays on the skin perfectly , gives you such a natural healthy glow ,without at all giving you a horrible oily look ! It's perfect! It's by far one of the best foundations I've ever Layed my eyes and hands on! 
I definitely recommend it! 
Go get it girls !!!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Orbiting highness ;) Sleek Make-up look!

So here we are again, for yet another blog post by yours truly ! ;) 
I decided to do something quite different to what I'm normally used to. 
I personally don't usually use "showey" colours on my eyes , but for the sake of Make-up and pure experimentation like a true MUA I thought I'd give it a go!
As you can probably ,noticeably tell by my bare face in that first image(I look like an alien ), I hadn't applied any eye makeup yet,I simply applied my general normal face ruitine as I've mentioned in previous blog posts. 
I then simply applied a white eye shadow to my inner tear duct area and blended out.
The sleek pallette used! ( ultra mattes v2 Darks pallette) 

Now the fun stuff!!!
 I began by applying the colour
(Orbit )from my sleek ultra mattes v2 Darks palette, in the mid crease of my eye blending out making a sort of winged shape, leaving it darker on the outer corner ,I then blended this all around the crease , trying to leave the middle part of my lid along my lash line in the same white colour as I had used earlier , I then followed by applying a tad bit of  (highness) also from the palette to the outer corner and blending it in with (orbit). 

Eyeshadow done and to add the finishing touches , I applied the same darker shades to my lower lash line and blended  away! 
I then applied a black gel winged liner ,and finally a few coats of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes , highlighted the brow bone for extra dimension and that was the look complete!!!  


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ageing Make-up Effect!

So I was given a task along side my fellow MUA colleagues to experiment with Ageing ! Yes you read right! Ageing... As in ,old ,wrinkles , frown lines , you get the jist...haha 
To be fair  I actually had an awesome time doing this ! It was different but strangely fun, also kind of weird
All we'd say during those few hours in the makeup room would be "well you'd be a pretty attractive old lady" lol ...
Well we had a great laugh throughout, and so I thought I'd share with you a few pictures of what I managed to do and how I managed to do so!
So this is my lovely model before her "old-over" and After ! 
And as you can see she does look a tad bit wrinkly around the edges after I was done! Haha 
Firstly I began by applying liquid latex to the areas in which people would usually get wrinkles , I decided to apply it around the eyes ,on the sides , where crows feet are known to be ,  the eye lid and below the lower lash line where those lovely under eye bags like to chill at! 
I then followed by applying some more, all around the lips , the frown lines the forehead and anywhere else I thought needed applying , I kept re-applying until I got my desired look , and would dry each layer with a hair dryer to move the process along quicker! I then followed by applying some translucent powder to set the liquid latex and voila
Now onto the make-up! 
I followed by asking my model to make some...well ... Rather weird faces , like , pouting , frowning , smiling , surprised look ! Haha that kind of thing so I could see where these frown lines would naturally appear on the face,  I traced over those lines with a slightly darker shade of some grease paint ,after doing this I followed by applying a lighter shade as a highlighter just to make those lines blend in a bit more and look slightly more "natural" i tried to envision mentally what I was doing, and I think it may of worked rather well for a first attempt at ageing! 
This kind of ageing make-up looks better further away , but I wanted to be able to show you exactly how it looks close up !
So here are a few final shots! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Versace inspired make-up look!

Hey beautiful people! 
so I'll be talking or should I say, "typing" you through how I achieved this look on my gorgeous model! 
I was given a project ,to create a mood board based on a designer ,and create a whole makeup look based on what I had found ! 
I decided to do a Versace inspired look with my own twist to it ! 
As seen below ...
I began by applying a primer which was the (fix and perfect pro primer by rimmel ) and a brilliant foundation which I adore, the (wake me up foundation by rimmel) and concealing anything that needed to be concealed using my (Lasting perfection collection 2000)
I followed by contouring my clients cheekbones ,nose and jawline and applying a highlighter to the top of her cheekbones , centre of nose and Cupid's bow, this was using my (contour kit from sleek in light)
I then follwed by applying the same primer to my clients eyelids and left it to dry. 
I then decided to apply from my natural sleek pallet, the lightest shade throughout the inner corner and middle of the eye , I then followed by applying a bronze colour to the crease and blending it all together, creating a subtle smokey eye. 
I followed by applying an exaggerated jet black gel liner , (also rimmel) to my top lash line extending the flick outwards, and I decided to blend it down to the bottom lash line.
I continued by applying these gorgeous shiny rock gems right below the lower lash line ,following up the winged liner. (This was pretty tricky,but I got there in the end!)
Lastly for the eyes I applied a thick pair of lashes to help open up he eyes ,and applied a small amount of mascarra to make them unite with her natural lashes. 
I then followed onto the brows (using my H&M brow pallet), I made them quite defined and gave her a subtle arch, I applied a highlighter right below the arch to help define it and bring out that brow bone! 
Lastly lips! 

Now for the lips I simple applied a clear, high shine gloss and sparsely applied the same rock gems to the lips for that more dramatic yet simple catwalk look! 
 And that was the Complete Versace inspired look !!!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

My OOTD (outfit of the day)!!!

Hey hey fellow bloggers ! soo I'm going to be doing something quite different and new today ! 
My OOTD (outfit of the day)! 
I'm pretty nervous about doing this but I thought , why the hell not ! 
I've been loving the whole autumn tartan/plaid  look that's quite inn at the moment.
I think something as simple as a scarf can turn the most simplest of outfit into a complete gorgeous look!
I'll follow by adding some snaps of what I was wearing earlier today and how it all came together! 
I paired a fitted black skirt with a black tight Jersey top both bought from new look a while ago , I paired it with some black tights and voila.(see the color scheme , I'm a sucker for black ;) )
I then found this oversized denim jacket from a thrift shop for only £1 , I found it at this event that I attended with my best mate in East end ,we waited forever to get in!!! 
I then added some odd patches here and there that I had hanging around my room , including that yellow smiley which I adore! 
I then finished my look with my gorgeous hot scarf ( which I've mentioned in a previous post!) and my biker style cut out boots which I bought of ebay!
I kept my makeup very minimal I just added my MAC ,Retro Matte ,Ruby Woo to add it that extra kick ,a simple winged liner , filled in brows and a tad bit of concealer to conceal those bags , I added a rose gold chain to add a bit of bling and to match the gold buckles on my boots ( see what I did there, matchy matchy eii ) and finnito , that was my makeup look for this outfit !!! 
And that was my OOTD! 
Hope you enjoyed Xx

Friday, 7 November 2014

My Brow Routine

Brows , Brows and more Brows ! 

My brows are my pride and joy (when I'm bothered) lol 
I wasn't blessed with full ,thick, arch heaven brows , mine are quite boring and sparse which absolutely sucks! 
They're naturally dark due to my Portuguese background ,and considering that you'd expect me to have big luscious brows ...but that's not the case!
(As you can see in the after image there is a lot more definition and I personally think they look a ton better ,and they help to frame my face well!) 
I don't think I've got a bad shape to them, they're pretty easy to work with, and I do use my natural brow line to guide me which makes the filling in A LOT easier! 

For my brows I tend to use my H&M eye brow kit , which is so battered at this point because of so much use ! I've not hit pan yet , but I'm close ! XD 
(I tend to use the darkest and medium shade mixed together ,one is to dark and the others to light for my weird brows)
This small pallet came with mini tweezers and an applicator , but I like to use an angled brush with a blending brush on the other end of it ,I also purchased it from h&m ! I actually love it ,it's my go to brow brush and when I don't have it I honestly feel lost! 
And this is it below ...
Looks pretty ordinary but this angle brush heaven is perfect for brows !
For my brows I usually tend to follow it along the natural brow line, and then extend to make my brow slightly longer,(short brow problems) I tend to define the arch just so it looks that much neater and sleek! 
I don't like to see a defined start to the brow ,I just don't think it looks very natural, so I like to blend that out to make it look as natural as possible , after all the brow shenanigans , I like to conceal around it and neatly tidy up all the lines. 
I was lucky enough to get a sample of the MAC full coverage foundation , in the shade NC35 , before splurging on the big thing ! And I have to say I am in absolute awe with it ! 
Honestly gets rid of all imperfections and makes everything a ton neater!
I'm Deffo gonna splurge after this sample ends! 
I lastly add some highlighter from my contour pallet by Sleek to my brow bone , right below the arch, for that extra kick of definition and Brows complete!!! 

Hope you enjoyed ! Xx

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Whats in my college bag!!

Hey there! So I will be doing a What's in my College bag post ! 
This bag hadn't been emptied in a long while ,and there were a few loose coins , receipts , and less exciting things which I didn't think  needed to be seen haha! So let's get started !!! Woop 

So the bag that I've currently been taking to college is a studded tote bag , i bought it from Primark about 2 years ago and it's still good as new! 
It's large enough to carry all my necessities ,but small enough to be able to carry it comfortably on my shoulder. 

The first thing that I usually carry in my bag is my new Tartan scarf as seen below.

This has to be the best purchase that I've  done in ages! It's so soft and extremely warm and thick , I adore the tartan/check print ,it's so inn and so gorgeous ,this scarf is absolutely huge ! I can literally use it as a blanket ! Now just imagine how big it is when all open up ! Haha

So these are the items that filled up my bag to the brim!
In box 1 -we've got a couple bags of makeup ( due to me currently doing a hair and media makeup course) I have to bring it in everyday ,and this isn't even half of it ! LOL 
I also have my notebook ,pen ,my makeup brush roll ,makeup wipes and a empty bottle of water which I may say I refilled twice during the day! (Gotta keep hydrated) 
Now box 2 - I have my Batiste dry shampoo, which I LOVE (I usually use the dark hair one but it finished and I couldn't resist the smell of this one) it's lush!
I also have my body mist , by Equivalenza cosmetics in passion fruit and pomegranate ! I bought this in Portugal and it's very fresh and fruity , I'm not sure if it's available in the uk or other countries but you may be able to find this online.  
I also have numerol for those times of emergency pain relief ! 
Box 3- I have my sun glasses from a small store abroad , which I bought for only 5 euros (bargain or what!) , and my prescription glasses which are Fcuk ,I have shitty eyesight ( excuse my French) hehe.  
And last but not least Box 4- I have my umbrella for these horrible rainy English days! 
My purse which is so cute and small ,it's so easy for college , from Primark for only 2 quid!( bargain yet again) 
My baby lips -so moisturising and such a natural color on the lips.
My student ID card and my Oyster card! 
My house keys -which I finally found after searching ages for it! 
And lastly my iPhone headphones, because you can't survive on public transport in the uk without a little music to keep you going!!! (P.s I also had my charger in there but my phone was on 1% and I had to run to that socket to plug it In!)  
And this is it! My What's in my College bag is complete I hope you gorgeous bloggers enjoyed !!! 
Much love Xx

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My everyday face cleansing routine

My face cleansing routine is a big part of my day to day,and it has been since the moment I found out how much difference  it's done to my face over the years! 
My daily routine changes once in a while and I always like to try out new things ,but for right now these are my top 5 , Enjoy!! :) 

From left to right (PS - I use the clean and clear daily scrub also -it's just pure amazing and works wonders ,but it just finished  last night and I chucked the bottle away *silly me* )
1-Clean and clear advantage fast action daily wash (perfect for spot prone skin) help get rid of spots ,and helps prevent them from coming along and hijacking our lovely faces!!! 

2-simple kind to skin moisturising facial wash
I cannot express how soft and clean my skin feels after using this , it's super refreshing , and leaves skin super soft and clean!!!

3-YVes Rocher organic vanilla body/face cream 
This was actually bought in Portugal in a sort of "body shop" kinda store (I'm sure you can get in online), I absolulty adore this , it leaves my skin beautifully soft , I'm not a huge fan of vanilla scents but this one is surprisingly soothing and actually smells lush! I love using it especially straight after a nice hot bath it's so soothing! 

4-Clean and clear Deep cleansing lotion ( so refreshing and leaves skin immaculate)
This has been in my daily routine for a good 4 years maybe , it's so amazing and refreshing and it literally leaves your face feeling super CLEAN!!! 

5-Garnier simply essentials soothing cleansing lotion 
I sometimes use facial wipes to clean my makeup ,but they're no good for your skin I try to only use them in times of despair , so I tend to use this product daily , it's ALWAYS been a go to of mine for years now,it removes my makeup beautifully and even stubborn eye makeup it totally gets rid of it and doesn't leave my eyes sore! 

Hope you enjoyed  Xx

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Hello ,Autumn Tag!

My Autumn Tag shall now commence and I cannot express how thrilled and ready I am for it, I've been seeing many bloggers doing the Autumn tag ,and I just felt inspired to do one of my own and share with you 10 things that I absolutely adore about Autumn! 
So here it goes ! Enjoy xx

cozy sweaters,hot drinks ,knitted scarfs,pumpkin carvings and horror movie marathons! Doesn't that all just sound like pure PERFECTION

1.What item of clothing do you love to wear in winter but wouldn’t be seen wearing in public?

Uuuurhmmm , gosh this is a tough one!   I think I'd have to probably say either my onesie (most comfy thing ever) or my furry Panda Slippers , I live in those things once the cold air comes along!

 2.Favorite Fall lip product?

Ohh that's easy !! My MAC -Retro Matte-Ruby Woo!  It's just that perfect shade that adds an umph to any Autumn or non autumn outfit!

3. Favorite Fall Drink?

Hmm I'd have to say hot chocolate or a standard typical English tea! (Bag in ,1 sugar ;)) 

4. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Uhh Haunted anything ! I LOVE everything and anything horror!

5. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?

Where can I start ! Oversized sweaters , cozy nights in , hot drinks , horror movies , musky candle scents , fallen leaves ,halloween and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner!! *Eeeeek*

6. Favorite fall accessorie ?
I'd have to say my leather jacket! 
Simply because I love the way it looks with casual and more soffisticated looks , and the fact that you can do the whole "Auntumn Layers" and it'll look like you've put a ton of effort in, when In reality all you've done is put on a jacket ;) 

7. Any new movies you'd want to watch this autumn? 

Being the crazy horror movie fan that I am, there are a couple new movies out that I NEED to watch , like NOW !!!

1- Annabelle (looks freeky as hell , I never liked those old dolls :/ making it 100x more terrifying) 

2-Ouija (Let's just say any ideas of trying out the Ouija board that I may of had ,have completely vanished from my head!) 

8.Favorite Tv programmes/series?
My top 5!

1- The Walking Dead 
2-Release the hounds 
3-American Horror story 
4-Pretty little liars 
5-MTV Catfish 

9.Favorite Makeup look?

Flawless foundation ,medium contour ,Subtle but smokey eyes ,in tones of rose golds ,purples and browns , *winged liner*-(my trademark) , defined brows , big lashes and , red/burgundy matte lipstick!

10.Autumn makeup item that you always use? 

Haa Easy!! 
Black gel winged eyeliner , my definite autumn and all year must have!  

Much love ! :* 
I tag all you beauty bloggers to do this fun Autumn tag !!  Xx

Mac -Retro Matte -Ruby Woo *Review*

Sooo omg! Mac's Ruby Woo lipstick may just be the cure to any bad days , wardrobe malfunction, or one of those plane jane moments that most of us ladies will have from time to time (some boys too);) !
Retails at £15.50

I've never been the biggest fan on wearing  lippy, yet this one is pure perfection ! At least in my opinion!
Mac Ruby woo is matte heaven, it's coverage and color is just beyond  amazing ,it's duration is incredible ,and the fact that most matte red lipsticks still have that small amount of sheen and this one guaranteed doesn't! l LOVE that!
I naturally have quite drying lips, especially in the autumn/winter seasons and living in London doesn't help either, yet this matte goes on beautifully and doesn't look flakey or Cakey at all! 
Some people may find it to be drying , but from a person who suffers from dry lips in these cold seasons, I can safely say it feels amazing on and you don't even remember you've got anything on there! 

I love that sultry, sexy, yet soffisticated look that it gives you , it's like you receive a new found confidence from just a lipstick ! 
Mac's Ruby woo , has to be the best shade of red that I have ever used ,it's not too dark or too bright, it's just right and perfect for a casual or formal day out! 
Also all you need is one application no going over it a hundred times , because as I've mentioned before this lipstick is pigmentation heaven! 


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Make-up 🎃👻💀

Well hello beautiful people! I'm so sorry for having been gone for so long ,but a lot has been going on lately so I haven't had much time ! 
But I'm back and ready to re-enter my bloggers heaven >.< 
Today I'm going to be blogging about some halloween makeup looks that I've created for this ghostly autumn season! 
I'll be telling you how I've created both these freaky yet cool looks step by step , Enjoyyy!! *Mwah*

Look (1)

Okay so for this look I used a pretty medium to high coverage foundation , which was about a shade lighter than my natural skin tone, I concealed all those unwanted blemishes and redness around my face and then I lightly contoured my nose ,cheek bones and jaw line .
For my eyes I decided to go for a more subtle smokey eye , with hues of purples and matte black to give it a more bruised effect,especially on my lower lash line and the crease of my eye for more definition and dimension ,and that whole "dead look", I added a gel liner to my upper lash line and a generous amount of mascara (false lashes could be used also).
 I then decided to add a few very faint veins using a small  pointed brush with some light brown and purple eyeshadow ,lastly before the gruesome freaky makeup comes along , I defined my eyebrows and conceald around them for more precise definition.
Now for the gory ,freaky lips I warmed up some Special Fx wax in my hands and began to spred it along my face creating a "joker style smile" after applying the wax to my face I then cut through the middle of it to make it look like my smile/cheeks were cut , I followed by applying some torn up tissue for some ripped skin effect using eyelash glue , yes you read right...eyelash glue ,it works wonders when you've got  nothing else  (haha) .
I then continued by adding some dark matte black shadow to the inner part of my lips following out into the ripped area or my elongated smile should I say for some dark dimension , I began blending in some purples, reds and browns for a bruised look,blotted on with a makeup sponge some fake blood and Voila we have a finished look!!! 

Look (2) 

Now for this freeky yet slightly sexy look I began by doing half my face with my "normal" makeup ruitine of foundation concealer ,contour ,brows, eyeliner ,mascara and half a bright red lip. 
Now for the freakier side (which is surprisingly simple to do)  I began by applying a Pailer foundation to the other Half of my face making sure I defined the line through the centre of my face. 
I then "hollowed" out my eye by covering it with black face paint to create that depth and definition, I proceeded by doing the same to half my nose, for that skull look.
 I then simply sketched out the teeth ,along the other half of my lips extending towards my cheek ,using a black  pencil liner and then went over it with some more black face paint for extra definition. 
I lastly applied a few cracks on my forehead using black gel liner and added a few "impact" marks with grey and black eyeshadow and the look all came together and I can proudly say it was complete! :D 

Hope you enjoyed , any questions regarding the looks make sure to message me! Xxx

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happiness is Key

well what can I say this isn't really beauty related so I’m sorry to my lovely beauty bloggers ,but some happiness needs to be shared ;)

Happiness is such a simple yet complex word ,its expected from you from the moment you’re born until the moment you die , people always expect you to be happy even when you’re not you feel obliged to say you are ,you feel the need to put up this front saying you’re fine,when in reality you may not be .
I mean we have all had bad days , some more than others ,some less.
But right now , exactly at this moment in time, May 11th at 22:50pm on a Sunday night , I can safely say that I AM HAPPY , I am very happy, there may be reasons there may not be , I may of just magically got a flush of happiness run through my body and ignite my soul with enthusiasm which lead me to writing this.
Its one of those rare moments that I want to remember and I want to cherish because happiness should be a constant thing, it should always be there but in this world its hard to be happy all the time. So please lets all cherish these random floods of happiness.
Its a Sunday night , I’m sitting here on my bed ,typing away listening to some extremely lively music ''for a change'' LOL ,phone charging by my side , you know just in case an unexpected text comes through ;) and I genuinely feel relaxed and happy , I actually feel content with myself and extremely positive ,which is rare for me haha ( I do try more often , I swear ,lol)
can you understand that feeling deep down in your chest like your heart is beating at a million mph and you have butterflies in your stomach and you cant help but smile like a complete and utter weirdo, I cant even express this feeling ,but I’m honestly loving every second of it ,being happy feels great and we should all do more to try and be happy ,focus more on the positives in life instead of the negatives , not focus on what people think of us but on what we think of ourselves and learn to love who we are and not have to change for anyone.
Happiness is beautiful its an extremely amazing feeling and it should be enjoyed while it lasts , hence why I am making the most of this flood of happiness and deciding to share it with the world.

Much Love ,stay beautiful and be happy

Monday, 31 March 2014

Makeup Bag

Hello my lovelys , so I'll be doing a review on my beloved makeup bag and what I absolutely love about it!! 

So this is the it  , my Anne Klein makeup bag (purchased from tkmaxx) !!! :D 

I actually adore this makeup bag so much ,It has to be the best one i have ever had.
I recieved it this past Christmas after needing a decent sized "GOOD" makeup bag.
I needed a makeup bag that could fit "ALL" my necessary daily makeup including extras , if i was to be travelling or going anywhere special I could just pop them in there without having to nearly break the zip which had been the case several times before (hahaha) , after trying to shove in  another lipstick or mascara or whatever else I could need for that day. 
The space in this makeup bag is actually so incredible , it's not too large or too small , it's just the right size and what I love about it is that it's a wider style as in it's not like those flat makeup bags which look huge but you can hardly fit anything in them ( if that didn't make any sence sorry haha ).

The bag is a lovely (zebra-ish) print with the logo in the front centre of the bag in a gorgeous gold tone. 
The inside of the makeup bag is bright pink , sort of like a fusia and it's such a gorgeous color , it really makes it pop , as soon as the makeup bag is opened you just get such a beautiful pink coming through .
This makeup bag has just the right amount of space and it's damn right amazing ,I think I will be having this around for a very long time (I don't think I know ;D ) i do highly recommend looking into these Anne Klein Makeup bags , especially this one , it's Just pure Perfect!!!