Monday, 8 December 2014

My week in pictures...

Hey hey hey !!!! So how are my lovely people doing? Awesome I hope! :) 
So I'll be doing something a little different today , hope you lovelies don't mind ! 
My week in pictures...
I'll be mainly just going over the highlights  of my week and what's been going on :)! 

Okay so this past week began like this...
1) college...assessments...finals...! 
We've been doing body art , which is pretty fun none the less as you can see that first picture above was a practice that i did on one of the girlies in class, I loved doing it don't get me wrong but the thought that I've gotta prep for a 3/4 hour BODY ART , on the ENTIRE just ever so slightly stressing me out ! But it's all good I'll be fine haha! 
2/3) That there is me and my uncle! Being the complete and utter weirdos That we are! Walking along London Bridge to go meet a few friends of his and I will just say that it was absolutely FREEZING!!! I took a few pictures outside my college in Oxford street because how can you miss those gorgeous lights!!!
4) so we've finally decided to get out our Christmas tree and decorations! 
I did want to put it up last month but my mum wasn't very into that idea hahaha
I love Christmas the atmosphere the family ,food , gifts ,songs ,lights ,the whole scenario just gets me super excited!!! 
Soo it was my mommys birthday this Sunday!! ( hence why I didn't post earlier, Sorry!)  she turned 43 years young(she soo changed those candles round ;) lol ) and is looking as gorgeous as ever! 
My parents and I went out for a lovely lunch in this pizza place with my aunt, uncle and my 3 cousins (they're little rascals but I love them to bits <3 )
That's one of the cuzzies ,Savanna in the pic with me at the lunch! :) 
We had a lovely day and lots of fun , including  pizza , cake , singing and playing charades xD , yes this was all done at the restaurant! 
We followed by having a coffe/drink at this other place and later made our way home :)! 
I had a great weak , what did you get up too!? 

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