Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Glitz and glam Christmas look!

Well hello , tis the season to be jolly!!
I've decided to do a very glitzy look for this Christmas and thought Id share it and show you what was used to create this look.
So this is the look very simple yet very Christmassy and glitzy ( This is the no lipstick version but i will insert some pictures with lipstick below) , the pictures don't give it justice at all so sorry about that, because the amount of shine and glitter on my eyelids was incredibly noticeable , I love it. 

Firstly there is my wake me up foundation  ,and my collection concealer which needs to be repurchased ASAP! , I always use a good moisturiser before applying foundation just to kind of give my skin good setting grounds for the foundation , primers don't work to well for me , I guess I just haven't found the right one yet.
Secondly is my bourjous Ultra curl  mascara (it could be better to be completely honest with you , doesn't do great things to my lashes!)
Thirdly my holy grail!!! Sleek contour kit in light ...this thing is AMAZING!!!
And lastly is this sleek cream to powder in one of the darker shades , (can't remember for the life of me the shade right now, and I don't have it with me D: ) 
But nonetheless I use this to fill in my brows and I've been LOVING this! 

This is exactly the same look but I've applied some lipstick (MAC,Sin,Matte)
I think the lippy just adds that depth to it, perfect for a Christmas dinner , night out or even just a casual day that you feel needs some dressing up , I received this as an early Christmas gift from my best mate and I LOVE IT!!!

Now This is how I achieved that amazing glitzy look! This Kiko eyeshadow that brings a matte black and a super glittery silver (literal glitter heaven)! The pigment is AMAZINGG! 
I just applied this over my whole eyelid, then followed by applying some of the black in the outer corner and blending in very well along the crease of my eye, followed by applying more from the glittery shade and blending some more and voila eyeshadow complete! Simple hey!
Secondly is my Mac Sin Matte lipstick - Love this thing so much and I've only had it a couple days! 
Then we've got my sleek ink pot in black which is my go to gel liner ! It's very good and very pigmented ! 
And lastly are the brushes I used to bring this look together , they are my Real Techniques brushes and they are the best brushes I've used to date ! 
(I'll do a brushes blog post soon)
And yes I know they need a good clean , I'll go do that now ;) ! 

And that is all for today's post my lovelys 
All things that I used and the final look ! 

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