Friday, 14 November 2014

Orbiting highness ;) Sleek Make-up look!

So here we are again, for yet another blog post by yours truly ! ;) 
I decided to do something quite different to what I'm normally used to. 
I personally don't usually use "showey" colours on my eyes , but for the sake of Make-up and pure experimentation like a true MUA I thought I'd give it a go!
As you can probably ,noticeably tell by my bare face in that first image(I look like an alien ), I hadn't applied any eye makeup yet,I simply applied my general normal face ruitine as I've mentioned in previous blog posts. 
I then simply applied a white eye shadow to my inner tear duct area and blended out.
The sleek pallette used! ( ultra mattes v2 Darks pallette) 

Now the fun stuff!!!
 I began by applying the colour
(Orbit )from my sleek ultra mattes v2 Darks palette, in the mid crease of my eye blending out making a sort of winged shape, leaving it darker on the outer corner ,I then blended this all around the crease , trying to leave the middle part of my lid along my lash line in the same white colour as I had used earlier , I then followed by applying a tad bit of  (highness) also from the palette to the outer corner and blending it in with (orbit). 

Eyeshadow done and to add the finishing touches , I applied the same darker shades to my lower lash line and blended  away! 
I then applied a black gel winged liner ,and finally a few coats of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes , highlighted the brow bone for extra dimension and that was the look complete!!!  


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