Sunday, 1 March 2015

w7 Reviews

Hey my gorgeous people!
i am going to be doing a couple reviews on the w7 WAKEY WAKEY Daydream Cream and also the w7 EYE Love it .

1) The wakey wakey daydream cream is the perfect morning face cream, its nice and refreshing with a subtle yet refreshing fragrance that helps to wake you up in the morning.
I am far from a morning person and after I've washed and cleansed my face in the morning this is that perfect balance it just wakes me up and leaves me feeling great!
It has a silky effect , its totally non greasy,and  it sinks into your skin leaving it feeling completely nourished and moisturized ,its said to help restore your natural skin barrier , and i have to agree i think it does ive been using this and my skin honestly has been feeling pretty smooth and it DOESN'T BREAK ME OUT!!! 
I sometimes react to some products and i don't with this one , so i would definitely recommend this.

2) The EYE love it eye cream is heavenly to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles , even to just help brighten up the eye area, and help give a smoother application for makeup around the eyes.
this eye cream is quite thick , but that is what makes it so nourishing and makes your eyes feel super open and alert.
i find this to be very moisturizing, and i find it to have a very subtle scent ,not overpowering at all , its very natural and calming.
i think this eye cream has helped do wonders to my under eyes and i believe it helps give a flawless look under the eyes for when i apply my makeup it sinks in and feels great!
definitely give it a go and you'll see what i'm talking about!

Hope you Enjoyed Xx

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