Friday, 10 April 2015

Positive Life updates!!

So I've not put up a blogpost in over a month...i know i know makes me sort of a crappy blogger atm sorrrryyyy, but I swear I'm gonna get back into the routine ! 
A lot has been going on, so I thought I'd give you gorgeous people an update!!!

1)I got a conditional offer for uni!!!
So as you all may know my passion lays within makeup and the whole beauty/fashion area, I decided to do an extra year at college hoping it would give me a higher opportunity to get into uni as I previously didn't have what they wanted , so I worked my butt of this year and worked on my portfolio and they've actually given me a blimin chance *Eeeeeek* !!! 
I've wanted this for so long now ,to go to this specific uni since I was back at school ,and finally being given this opportunity is actually pretty emotional to say the least! 
If all goes to plan and all goes well ,I should be starting this September... Fingers crossed ! :* 

2)I finished college forever!!!
I still can't believe it to be honest , college is done my college life is finished! 
I don't know if I'm prepared for this just yet ! 
I've spent 3 years of my life studying something I love , hated it on a couple off days but that's with everything hahaha!
I met amazing people ,made amazing friends ,had amazing opportunities,got a chance to expand my knowledge and focused solely where my passion is truly held!!! 
And it's all over now I was excited at first and I still am to have finished ,but there's a little part of me that feels a bit upset that ,that part of my life is over , and time is literally flying by and I don't even notice it! 
Well on and upwards is what I'll say to that! 

3)Got myself a job!!!
So I got myself a job at a place that I love and is literally HEAVEN to all beauty and non beauty lovers! 
I constantly doubt myself in everything I do pretty much all the time,and I know that's not good but I'm working on it ! 
I didn't think I had a chance at this job and having literally gone to the interview the day before I finished college officially I thought no way I'm getting this , I'd be way to lucky to get a job right after finishing colly especially at this awesome place!  
But a little self belief and some positivity gets you a blimin long way, cause I got called back for a trial day and I got the job!!! ( ps you'll probably get future posts on this job ;) hehe )!!! 

4)Booked my first holiday away with mates!!!
I'm going away for the first time with a few of my closest homies! and I'm so bloody excited !!! 
I'm going Prague in June *woooop* !!!
I'm actually excited beyond belief it's ridiculous haha ! 
(Even got a countdown on my phone) yup that's how sad it gets lol! 

So my lovelies that's it for today.
Hope you all enjoyed! 
Much love 

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