Friday, 2 January 2015

The Perks of 2014...

My 2014 was filled with ups and downs! 
But I think this has been one of the best yet "complicated" years for me personally, I've met some amazing people along the way, experienced some pretty darn exciting  things and had a full on blast with my incredible family and friends ! 
From celebrating birthdays , to summer adventures to fully 100% realising  what I want to be and do with my life! 
I'm going to just briefly Point out some of the perks of 2014 ! >.< 

Friends  & Family <3

These guys...
Well how am i gonna Start , I love my mates and the fam to bits ,some I've known a lot longer than others but even the most recent also have a special place in my heart! Lets Just say my year would of been more than crap if it wasn't for this lot, all the memories we've made, the nights out and drunken nights in, the regular coffee meet ups, the birthdays ,the fact that whenever we are together it's amazing in all aspects ! 
Also the family reunions, the family BBQs ,the cousin meet ups! 
My friends and family have literally made my year worth while , they manage to put a smile on my face every single time we are reunited!  even at bad times! I'm one lucky girl to have people as amazing as they are!!!

College and college chumms <3 
I've loved this year  to say the least , the amazing friends I've made the fun hours of singing and giggling in class , the point where we had to physically get out the class before the lecturer got the chance to send us out!
The scaring people in public after creating freeky makeup looks , the fun designs and looks we get to do on each other , learning our personal style and  evolving at each passing hour! 
I've learnt a lot and met a lot of great people! Love my colly chumms!!!

Summer 2014 <3 
So I spent this summer in Portugal as per usual ! But this year was different !! 
I had a blast! I saw my friends and family which I only get a chance to see in the summer and I went out a lot , to village /city parties saw one of my favourite cousins that I hadn't seen in 4 years !!! 
I loved it!! 
The hot summer air , the beaches the rivers and lakes the long walks the sunsets the parties the tans, I wish it was like that everyday ! Life would be Soo perfect. 
I cannot wait for this summer 2015 to arrive! 
And get to reunite with all these amazing people once again! :D 

My 18th <3
One of the best nights ever ! 
I had everyone I could of ever wanted present and each and everyone of them made my night so special and so fun ! , it was my "coming of age" and Yeahh I was excited to say the least!  as some may say lol and it was amazeballs! I loved every moment of it and I couldn't thank my parents enough for helping make this night possible and all my family and friends that were there with me on this special night!!! I love you all! <3 

Hope this post was as good to go through as it was to do! 
Much love and... 

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 ...<3

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