Monday, 31 March 2014

Makeup Bag

Hello my lovelys , so I'll be doing a review on my beloved makeup bag and what I absolutely love about it!! 

So this is the it  , my Anne Klein makeup bag (purchased from tkmaxx) !!! :D 

I actually adore this makeup bag so much ,It has to be the best one i have ever had.
I recieved it this past Christmas after needing a decent sized "GOOD" makeup bag.
I needed a makeup bag that could fit "ALL" my necessary daily makeup including extras , if i was to be travelling or going anywhere special I could just pop them in there without having to nearly break the zip which had been the case several times before (hahaha) , after trying to shove in  another lipstick or mascara or whatever else I could need for that day. 
The space in this makeup bag is actually so incredible , it's not too large or too small , it's just the right size and what I love about it is that it's a wider style as in it's not like those flat makeup bags which look huge but you can hardly fit anything in them ( if that didn't make any sence sorry haha ).

The bag is a lovely (zebra-ish) print with the logo in the front centre of the bag in a gorgeous gold tone. 
The inside of the makeup bag is bright pink , sort of like a fusia and it's such a gorgeous color , it really makes it pop , as soon as the makeup bag is opened you just get such a beautiful pink coming through .
This makeup bag has just the right amount of space and it's damn right amazing ,I think I will be having this around for a very long time (I don't think I know ;D ) i do highly recommend looking into these Anne Klein Makeup bags , especially this one , it's Just pure Perfect!!! 


Friday, 28 March 2014

Sleek Palettes

Hey Hey Hey ,Ok ... So i am going to be reviewing the 3 Sleek Palettes that i own and to be completely honest with you ,they have to be one of the BEST palettes i have ever used in my life.
They are very affordable retailing at about £7.99 each and they bring 12 amazing shades each ,they are very pigmented and they last amazingly well.

Top Left-The Original 594     Top Right-Acid 570
Bottom Center-Sunset 568

This was the very first Sleek Palette that i ever got , i received this little beauty as a gift and i fell in love with it from the moment i made the first swatch.
The pigments in this palette range from more neutral colors to darker shades of blues and greens, and the palette also contains such a beautifully bright and pigmented purple , i cannot even express how much i love  it and how many times i have used it, its such a deep color and it blends in beautifully with the black that comes in the palette and all other shades.
 As a first Sleek Palette i have to say it got me hooked very quickly and made me want to purchase them all at once especially knowing i was getting such amazing quality for money!!!

ACID 570
The Acid palette i have to say comes in such a beautiful array of bright colors, ranging from bright greens ,pinks and oranges to the darker very pigmented blue tones and the ever traditional black shadow,i didn't find this palette to be as pigmented as i would expect especially the brighter tones ,(that is just my personal opinion) ,i find the brighter colors to be rather translucent but with a bit more precision  and good application it does leave a very good bright color ,i do recommend using a primer with this palette as i think it would help to hold the color in place a lot better and give it an overall better look.

Ok now lets get to business ,this has to be my all time favorite Sleek Palette that i own, i actually cant even express the amount of joy and pigmentation heaven this palette brings to my life.
The sunset palette goes from enchanting Golds, orange ,musky yellow tones and bronze beauty's ,it creates the most amazing looks from smokey eyes to a more subtle glam look , i adore this palette with everything in me , the pigments are just outstanding i  honestly recommend this palette , its absolutely gorgeous and makes any makeup look ,look absolutely stunning , the tones are very autumn /summer based but they look good in any and every season ,lady's  go get it!!!!!!


Hey There my fellow Beauty Bloggers

So i have finally decided to join the blogger community (excitedly jumps up and down like the weirdo i am haha)  and begin my own wonderland of beauty.
This Blog will mainly be running on my personal views and thoughts on all things beauty , from my own product reviews  to my own personal thoughts on General lifestyle ,fashion, Beauty etc  to the daily life of a teen beauty blogger living in London.
So why start Blogging? Well ,i have been wanting to start a beauty blog for some time now ,but i just didn't know how and where to start ,being such an Artsy person and being in the Beauty industry ,this sounded like the perfect opportunity for me to get out there into the world and do something related to this ever growing industry and begin something that i will be proud of in years to come.

Enjoy x