Monday, 31 March 2014

Makeup Bag

Hello my lovelys , so I'll be doing a review on my beloved makeup bag and what I absolutely love about it!! 

So this is the it  , my Anne Klein makeup bag (purchased from tkmaxx) !!! :D 

I actually adore this makeup bag so much ,It has to be the best one i have ever had.
I recieved it this past Christmas after needing a decent sized "GOOD" makeup bag.
I needed a makeup bag that could fit "ALL" my necessary daily makeup including extras , if i was to be travelling or going anywhere special I could just pop them in there without having to nearly break the zip which had been the case several times before (hahaha) , after trying to shove in  another lipstick or mascara or whatever else I could need for that day. 
The space in this makeup bag is actually so incredible , it's not too large or too small , it's just the right size and what I love about it is that it's a wider style as in it's not like those flat makeup bags which look huge but you can hardly fit anything in them ( if that didn't make any sence sorry haha ).

The bag is a lovely (zebra-ish) print with the logo in the front centre of the bag in a gorgeous gold tone. 
The inside of the makeup bag is bright pink , sort of like a fusia and it's such a gorgeous color , it really makes it pop , as soon as the makeup bag is opened you just get such a beautiful pink coming through .
This makeup bag has just the right amount of space and it's damn right amazing ,I think I will be having this around for a very long time (I don't think I know ;D ) i do highly recommend looking into these Anne Klein Makeup bags , especially this one , it's Just pure Perfect!!! 


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