Saturday, 10 January 2015

Contouring & Highlighting Madness

Contouring & Highlighting! 

My ultimate makeup Must! doing both these things is what honestly brings your entire makeup look together , you sculpt the face to utter perfection , bring out your best features and disguise the worst!
My contour and highlighter of choice is my Sleek contour kit in Light or medium depending on the time of year! 

Above are two pictures the left is me with the appropriate products ready to contour and highlight my face,and on the right is me after contouring and highlighting! 

These are a few examples of light contouring and highlight that I did on a collegue of mine with a light day makeup! 

CONTOUR-(contouring is the key to shading and sculpting, the darker shade makes things look smaller)
HIGHLIGHT-(highlighting brings out the desired features ,the lighter shade helps to make things stand out over the dark creating contrast which sculpts the face to perfection ) 

Step by step on how I do this:

1.) Apply your base! 
Foundation , concealer Ect , do your normal makeup ruitine as usual! 

2.) Begin applying contour - 
There are various places to contour the main one being to accentuate the cheekbones , apply this (cream/powder) contour right through from your ears the the centre of your cheek right below the cheekbone , apply this lightly because you can always build up you don't want to look like you've  caked ciment on your face! Lol 
Want your forehead to appear smaller ? Simply apply your contour to the outside arches of the forehead going to the middle and blending outwards towards the hairline. 
Slimmer nose? apply two lines on each side of the nose joing them with a "U" at the tip and blend very well outwards. 
Want a more defined jawline , simply apply the contour to your jawline in a straighline along the entire jaw and blend down to the neck. 
Basically anywhere you want to make "smaller" you can even apply a small amount below the bottom lip to give it that more plump look!  

3.) Begin Highlighting-
Now highlighting is to bring out your features so now ...
Apply to the centre of the nose between the two contour lines and blend down it'll give it that perfect slimming look to the nose. 
Apply below the eyes for the brightened open eye look. 
Apply above the cheekbones right at the "Apple" for heightened cheekbones! 
Some between the brows and below the arch of the brows , for extra definition.
Also some in the cuspids bow to help achieve that Angelina Jolie lip ;) ! 
And lastly you can apply some to the centre of your chin to make it look that extra bit perfect! 
Take a look at your final look and you'll definitely see how amazingly sculpted and flawless your face is looking! 

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