Sunday, 25 January 2015

My week in pictures!!!

Hey guys!! 
Sorry I've gone awol my lovelies , but a lot has been going on these past couple weeks ! 
But I'm back , and with full force for a 'My week in pictures' blog post.


So this week in college we've been doing hair designs ,and have been trying out various techniques for different looks. 
In the images above , there are pin curls , loose curls, victory rolls , twists Ect , I'm surprisingly patient when it comes to hair , which I really didn't think i would be , and I really enjoy it too. 


On number one we've got me and my bestie ,my (mana) as we like to say!
We were at that point of desperation in being away from each other for so long so we decided to get together and go for a nice fun catch up! :)
Number two we've got a nice hot candle lit bubble bath ,which was heaven if i must say so my self ,i usually just stick to showers but just relaxing in a bubble bath is pure perfection on some tiresome days.
Thirdly there is my eye LOL, and i decided to do a little throwback and go and buy an old favorite mascara of mine,the Maybelline cat eye mascara!
i needed a good mascara so i remembered this one and it's just as amazing as i remember,the picrture above is just with one light coat on and look how long my usually short lashes look!!!!!!
Lastly its me in my Workout gear!
Iv'e been trying to be good lately and eating a lot healthier , and also trying to work out daily ,so yeah i thought me and my Shock Absorber sports bra ,were worthy of a good ole selfie ,hehe . 

Lastly we've got some pictures of me and my cousins over the weekend , it was an unexpected last min thing! 
And I love those (unless I've got plans ;) haha ) , it just turns a boring old weekend to some full on family fun! Love my little annoying rascals to bits! 

So that's my week in pictures for you all hope you enjoyed !
Much love 

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