Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Bucket List

Hey Lovelies

Sooo my bucket List , i did this a while ago actually i found an old journal that i had stashed away in my room from a couple years ago, and i had a bucket list written down that i had completely forgotten about,I've done a few things already so I'm pretty proud of that ,but there is so much more beyond this list that I want to do with my life but these are just a few ideas I had in mind! 
i decided to write up a blog post on it ,So here it is ,Enjoy!!!

1.Travel All Around The World

2.To Eventually Get my own Place

3.Go Backstage at a catwalk ,prepping the models ,Hair ,Makeup ect

4.To Get a Popular Active Blog

5.Get Through The Next Year Of College✔️

6.Go To a Festival✔️

7.Go On a Road Trip With My Friends

8.Go to An outdoor cinema

9.Get in a Serious Relationship ,Marriage,Kids ect

10.Dye my Hair Crazy Colors✔️

11.Get my Drivers Licence

12.Take Part In Some Sort Of Zombie activity/Event

13.Reconnect With An Old Friend✔️

14.Do Volunteering In a Different Country

15.Go Star Gazing

16.Go To The Beach At Night

17.See The Northern Lights

18.Get A Tattoo

19.Get My Nose Pierced✔️

20.Go See The 9/11 Memorial

21.Ride on The Back Of a Motorcycle

22.Become a Well Known Makeup Artist

23.Get At Least 2 Qualifications By The Time Im 18✔️

24.Full Day of Horror Movies✔️

25.Go Up to The Eiffel Tower

26.Join The Organ Donor Register✔️

27.Go In a Gondola In Italy

28.Visit The Grand Canyon

29.Go to Santorini Greece

30.Go Camping

31.Do a Makeup Course✔️

32.See a Shooting Star✔️

I hope this Post Gave you some inspiration on what to put down on your bucket list!
Now lets get crackin and start crossing these out!

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