Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lashes ,lashes ,lashes !!!

Hello beautiful people :)
sorry I've not been as consistent with my posts but I'm finishing of my course and in the midst of ,
Applications and deadlines Ect ...
So for today's post I'll be on about My general opinion on individual lashes and how I'm finding it! 
So , in my course I've just started doing lashes and I honestly love it! 
It's very relaxing and therapeutic , yet it has to be one of the most fiddly things in the industry. 
I managed to do some , as you'll see below but they're not even a half set due to us only practicing , and I had to practice on one of the lecturers ! (Nerve wracking of what) !
It's actually a very complicated treatment , as you've got to select the correct length , and thickness of the lash to suit the client , what they want out of the treatment ,types of glue, the density , sensitivity , patch tests ect .
It takes a while to get used to it , but once you do , then you'll be super fast at it .

My lecturer did a demo with a few lashes on the left, and I did the rest! 
I've got to say I was pretty happy with how it turned out !
I personally love permanent individual lashes , whether you want a few here and there , or you want a very full set ,they definitely make the difference , and they can look as natural and as fake as you please , from natural colors to funky reds and purples  ! 
And if done properly they Can Last you months! 
I'd recommend  it definitely , but go to someone who knows what they're doing , so you don't end up damaging your natural  lashes or anything around your eyes which are super sensative for a matter of fact.
The lashes range from sizes of  anything from 3mm to a crazy 20 mm , but most places go from around a 6mm to a 14mm .
And there are different curls also , like J curl, B curl ,and C curl there are more but these are the most common. 
There are various types of lashes from silk to mink and from coming in rows that you stick to the back of your hand            ( which I personally find a lot easier ) or you can get them in pots all mixed together and then you have to separate  them each, they are a lot more hard work but they are generally a little cheaper , so budget wise they're better!
Each lash is attached to each individual lash of your own , it's presise application is what makes it last so long and look so natural or fake .
So this is my general views and mainly what I've learned and practiced , hope you enjoyed !
Much love Xx

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