Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Asos wish list -outfit styling ideas!

So I LOVE ASOS , there are a few things on there that I've been finding super trendy and cool lately, they've been in my Asos wish list for a while and I thought I'd show you how I would style a couple outfits and also the accessories
Hope you Enjoy! 
(All prices will be listed below images)

Outfit (1)
High wasted jeans-(£32.00)
Black crop sweater-(£12.00)
Black cacoon coat -(£55.00)
Oversized blanket check scarf-(£18.00)

Accessories (1)
Concealed platform boots,black-(£40.00)
Large handheld black back (sale from £40.00 to £28.00)
Wrap around watch-(£40.00)
Gold plated mood stone ring-(£22.00)

Outfit (2)
Tartan skater skirt (sale from £25.00 to £17.50) 
Asos tall forever t-shirt-(£12.00)
Black leather jacket faux fur and quilted detail-(£110.00) 
Black turn up beanie-(£7.00) 

Accessories (2)

Spike drop open necklace-(£14.00)
Pointed heel shoe boot ,black-(£55.00)
Black pleather utility backpack-(£35.00)
Open double spike ring-(£8.00) 

Hope you enjoy my Asos wish list and how I'd put it all together! 

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